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For over twenty years a leading facility management company, Ecostilla is specialized in the professional cleaning of special use spaces such as data rooms and data processing centers housing IT equipment.

The server room is the place where key corporate data reside and where the most important processes take place. Ensuring service continuity, safeguarding the integrity of digital data and preventing malfunctions of servers and electronic equipment are essential activities for any structured business.
Appropriate cleaning significantly increases data center efficiency, reduces operating costs, and minimizes the risk of failure of servers and other IT equipment.

Recent research studies demonstrated that 70% of failures of electronic devices are attributable to an inadequate maintenance and cleaning of the premises: fine (and non-fine) dusts, fibres, pollens, spiderwebs and other debris build up on the surfaces and penetrate inside the equipment, reducing the efficiency of cooling fans, causing damage to the circuits and magnetic drives, significantly increasing the risk of malfunctions, damages and, in the worst case scenario, fires. The same applies to the cooling systems of these premises, which must be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Ecostilla uses qualified personnel to operate in data and server rooms. For cleaning services products and tools specifically designed for electronic and IT equipment are used, which are safe for the devices and have an effective anti-static action to prevent dust build-up.


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Cleaning of data centers
  • Cleaning standard surface float
  • Thorough cleaning cabinet/racks
  • Ceiling cleaning and sanitizing air filters
  • Thorough cleaning inside tiles floating and floating sub area
  • Deratization

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